Spotlight on Kehinde Salami

Name: Kehinde Salami
Age: 36
Likes: Jollof Rice
Dislikes: Marmite
Secret Confession: Used to have a crush on the fun house twins, Melanie and Martina
Socials: @sicklekan Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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Rehab, Netflix and Chill, What Is Your Why?

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Please excuse my tired and quiet voice; recovering from a sickle cell crisis can do that to you. Anyway, I don’t believe I’m the only person that gets de-motivated sometimes… What do you do to pick yourself back up again and get back on track?



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Sickle Cell and Racism


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‘Me, Myself and Sickle Cell’ video blogs.


This sarcastic tweet by a nurse was one I couldn’t scroll past without replying. Racial stigma against sickle cell patients does exist!!

What are your thoughts?

I’m sure we (sickle cell patients) have many bad experiences we could share but I’d love to share some positive ones. If you have any you are willing to share, please leave details in the form below and I will share the stories in a future video.




In the past 9 months I’ve done a whole lot of travelling; 6 different countries to be exact. That’s probably no big deal for any other individual, but it may sound slightly extreme for someone who is living with sickle cell. It has taken me years to be able to travel this much without risk and without fear; but believe me I have taken many L’s in the process. Continue reading “Y O L O”

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