About Jenica Leah

Jenica Leah is a self-published children’s author and a passionate advocate for sickle cell with a positive outlook on life. Living with sickle cell anaemia herself, she has battled with the many complications that come with the disorder; but she has never let this stop her from being who she is. From being a full-time model at the age of 14 to organising and managing catwalks with an international events specialist by the age of 20, Jenica Leah refuses to let her condition hold her back.

After undergoing total hip replacement surgery in 2014, which changed her whole outlook on life and her perception of her illness, Jenica Leah vowed to help others living with the sickle cell condition by being more open about her health and her journey and by doing more to create awareness and get people talking about sickle cell. To date, Jenica Leah has:

  • Self-published the first children’s book from her series ‘My Friend Jen’ which sold more than 100 copies in its first week of being released.
  • Started this blog of her journey entitled ‘Me Myself & Sickle cell‘.
  • Created YouTube channel ‘United Sicklers‘ as a platform for discussing the topic of sickle cell in relation to every day life and tackling controversial subjects which dare to be spoken about.

Jenica Leah now does public talks on sickle cell and on life in general, since she has experienced so much along her journey so far which everyone can relate to. She is also a publishing coach helping new writers to bring their manuscripts to full fruition. With her drive, determination and passion for life, Jenica Leah sees her possibilities as endless.